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Verfasst: 14 Nov 2014, 17:02
von Tsenden
According to Adams they are well separated species. For instance:
A recent analyses using RAPDs fingerprinting (Bartel et al., 2003) found H. glabra to be distinct from H. arizonica(Fig. 1).
Article 225 on Adams' website on juniperusdotorg.

The two species are also very well separated geographically.

Verfasst: 14 Nov 2014, 18:23
von stefan
Hi Tsenden,
according to your opinion and your knowledge and also the accordance with kiefernspezi I change the title of this thread!
best regards,

Verfasst: 14 Nov 2014, 18:25
von Tsenden
Vielen Dank!

More and more authors are agreeing with this treatment.

Verfasst: 14 Nov 2014, 22:19
von stefan
Hallo Baumfreunde,
hier ist der link zu dem von Tsenden angesprochenen Text: Artikel 225

Gruß, Stefan